CSA Rewards
Rewards from a CSA delivery.
In my journey to find sustainable options on St. Thomas I came across something amazing, a brand new CSA on the North Side! I'll save the details of this particular group for another post, but right now I want to talk a little bit about buying locally grown produce, why we should do it, and how we can do it. But really I want to talk about the delicious salad I made for dinner tonight that was 90% locally grown produce.

So, first thing's first. Buying locally grown produce makes sense on so many different levels. If something is locally grown, that means when you pay for it the money is going to local people. When money goes directly to the farmer who is growing your food, they're probably going to put that money towards growing you more food. That is not a vicious cycle, that's a delicious cycle. Reason number two. It's fresh! Seriously, what's better than food that was picked the day you buy it? Since the food is being produced here on island, you're not paying for Tropical Shipping to carry it in, I love Tropical, they bring many a great thing, but I don't want my produce to make an ocean crossing. You're not paying for the plane ride from wherever that lettuce was grown, you're not paying for produce that has put in more vacation time that you have. I want to eat my food, not be jealous of it's history. There's also the whole carbon footprint deal. Yeah, that's important too! There are lots of other reasons to buy local produce, but those are my favorites. My other favorite is eating local produce, so here are some gems from my salad tonight :)

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    Sustainable living questionnaire

As I'm starting this project to find sustainable options while living on St. Thomas I keep asking myself the same questions. Sustainability on a rock, c'est possible, non? How can we lead environmentally friendly, sustainable lives on this rock we call home? Who catches and sells fish? Where are the farms and how do you get their food? Has anyone seen a cow I could chew on?!

Well, step one on this great journey I plan to lead us all down is trying to answer these questions. As we are trying to live healthy, sustainable lives, I will help to lead the way and hopefully inspire a few people to provide a light at the end of the tunnel.